About us


EYEWEARS.COM was started by a few friends with a radical spirit and profound objective: to bring authentic designer eyewear at a revolutionary price. We love glasses and want to get a lot more out of eyewear.

So, the story: Back in the day we used to rock those pilot shades every day (yes, even on cloudy and rainy days.) until we broke them on spring break in Mexico and realized the cost of replacing the pair was too much.

The fundamental problem is simple: glasses are overpriced. The traditional channel is complicated, when sketchy distributors and wholesalers tack on additional mark-ups to be artificially high before selling them to you. Even the discounted price would be too much for a college student’s budget. Do we have another option? No.

We resolved to start EYEWEARS.COM with the mission to be purpose-built for this world. We like to be honest. We are down to earth. We value quality. We do not let you pay for pricey license holders and retailers. You want the authentic eyeglasses from the same craftsmen of your favourite designer brands anyway.

It makes no sense for you to pay double or even triple mark-ups. We care about you and we believe they will not only make you look good, but make you feel smart when you pay less for the same thing, tying us into a bigger mission.

So here we are. Dedicated to making your life easier while offering premium glasses at their true pricing. Look good, feel smart.

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